A Privileged Visit To The Coronation Street Set

We are extremely fortunate to have Samia Ghadi as the patron of Tomas´s charity and also Brian and Maxine Warner, of Warner Entertainments, as constant supporters of Tomas Leighton Care.

Through our links with these special and thoughtful people, it was arranged for us to visit the working set of Coronation Street, whilst we were visiting the UK recently.

We were given a tour of the set by the first assistant director of the show, Peter Shaw and witnessed the rehearsals and filming of various scenes due to be edited and broadcast in six weeks time.

It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to meet Peter and various members of the cast and crew and gave us a rare insight into how much planning, detailed work and professionalism goes into each and every episode.

Below are some of the photos taken while on the set of filming and thanks go to all that made us feel so welcome on the day. It was a very special day to remember.

Click on each photo to see a larger version as required.

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