A special Montage by Laura McLeod

A  young girl called Laura MacLeod from a school in Torremuelle was inspired to put together a Montage from her own ideas about her experience at the London Marathon and more so to do this for tomas.

This Montage below touched our hearts and many around us. You can see from this, that she put an awful lot of time and effort into making this. We will meet Laura before the sponsored walk (May 13th) for herself and her Parents Ron and Aida to meet us and Tomas.

This is what was wrote to us.

Since writing to you we took Laura to see the London Marathon a weekago, as her two elder brothers were running, and this inspirational event further fuelled Laura’s wish to participate and raise funds for Tomas.She even attracted sponsors at the event in London!

As a project, Laura has put together a colourful montage largely from her own ideas, and we hope its “we can make a difference” then will inspire even more children to get involved.

Please read carefully the  second picture which was extracted from the Montage

where it says “Lets do it”

Well done Laura and thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for doing this.

Jon, Jill and big hugs n kisses from Tomas xxx



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