All Star Variety Show Middleton Arena

On the Sunday 25th January 2015, there was a fabulous All Star Tribute Show in aid of Tomas Leighton Care.

Maxine and Brian Warner and Suri Lederberger organised this superb night of top class entertainment.

A huge amount of work and planning went into the show for months beforehand and there were a variety of wonderfully talented acts involved with the actual show on the night.The show was absolutely amazing. We have had so very many emails and calls from people saying what a fantastic night they had.

The show started with a short speech by Suri Lederberger and then the show began

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas55 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas66

Presented by comedian Jed Stone (Jed is on the left, pictured with Maxine and Brian Warner).

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1366 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas304

Sam Aston, who plays Chesney Brown in Coronation Street and is one of the patrons of Tomas’s charity, came along to show his support too (Pictured left with some of the choir members).

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas113 (2)

Photos of the Venue

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas27 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas25 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas348

The show included performances by Maurice Abrahams, The Morgan School of Irish Dancing and Abba 2 Nite, who removed one item of clothing every song, to roars of applause for an encore from the guys when they were down to the last layer!

Also appearing were The Greater Manchester Police Dixie Band, The Jewish Theatre Choir, The King David School Choir, Maxine and Brian Warner and finally The Bachelors, who I still can’t believe topped the bill for no charge.

All the acts made the evening a truly special occasion. It was a magical night.

The Jewish theatre Company Choir,

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas143

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas338 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas140 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas146

The King David School Choir,
kids 4 kids 3 kids 2

Morgan school of Irish Dancing,

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas631 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas633 (1) Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas664

The GMP Dixie Band,

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas329 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas323 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas324

Maurice Abrams,

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas231_renamed_623 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas229

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas226

ABBA tonight,

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas396 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas434_renamed_32029

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas441

Maxine and Brian Warner, who not only organised and planned the show but were actually part of the show.

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas882 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1074

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas705 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas908

and topping the Bill !!

The Bachelors 

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1421 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1427 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1193 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1426

Here they are with everyone on Stage…

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas1476

We were also honoured to have Sonny Warner MBE there supporting us and invited him up on stage to thank him for his incredible raising efforts on Tomas’s behalf over the past 5 years. He is an amazing example to us all and a truly inspiring 92 year old (Sonny is pictured here with us).

Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas562_renamed_29548 Ruthless Images-CHARITY-Suri-Tomas546_renamed_19337

We are very proud to be able to announce that the final total raised on the night was an a amazing 7,450 pounds!

A HUGE thank you goes to all the artists and sponsors involved with this fantastic fundraiser and to Maxine and Brian Warner and Suri Lederberger, since without their dedication and hard work, none of this would have been possible.

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  1. Maxine/Brian says:

    The show was such a huge success that we have now provisionally booked 31.1.16 for another amazing night of variety entertainment. If you couldn’t make the last show be sure not to miss this one, you wont be disappointed….. P.S The Tidderly Pops say a BIG HELLO

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