Global Learning Delay

Due to the fact that Tomas has three major areas of disability involving Cerebral Palsy, Blindness and Epilepsy, each of these conditions play a part in severely affecting his ability for learning.

The Cerebral Palsy affects his gross and fine movement of his legs, arms, and hands, his general posture and coordination. As well as effecting everyday things like eating, standing and walking and his general confidence in independent movement, this also affects his ability to play with other children, write or drawer, play with educational toys without assistance etc.

His Blindness affects all aspects of his learning. Since he is unable to understand the world around him by sight it is extremely difficult to teach Tomas via conventional learning methods. He cannot focus on objects, images or books and therefore the majority of his learning methods have needed to be adapted to use his hearing rather than his sight and therefore most of what he is able to learn is based on non visual memory and involves repetitive learning.

His Epilepsy also stems from the fact that he has damage to the brain and his brain waves and brain communication paths are affected. Tomas is much slower to respond to questions than most children and he needs to be given extended time to think before he answers questions asked of him. You can almost see his brain searching for the correct answer when you ask him a question. A look of total concentration appears on his face and he takes around 3 to 10 seconds to answer each question as if it is hard work to retrieve the information needed.

We are constantly stimulating Tomas´s brain via speech therapy, play and early learning sessions and any other way possible to try and improve his reactions, vision, mobility and general knowledge of day to day objects and situations so he becomes more aware of the world around him and able to communicate and learn more effectively. 

Despite all of the above Tomas is a very loving and determined little boy who wants to learn and loves nothing more than answering questions and learning new things little by little.

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