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  • Obtaining advice regarding anyone with similar problems to Tomas
  • Organising or participating in a fundraising event in aid of the TLC Charity
  • Providing donations, sponsorship, raffle or auction prizes or media coverage for upcoming or future events
  • Providing information and advice regarding organisations that may help our cause
  • Providing information on medical advances or anything else that may help Tomas or others like him.

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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Danielle Haddrick says:

    Good Luck Rosco! Just checked out the Tough Mudder on the net looks like so much fun with all that mud. Good work and for a good cause. Hope Thomas’ future can be helped by this. Let me know if the donantion hasnt been received (just paid via Bpay). Danielle

  2. Ellen Shaw says:

    I am planning a sponsored walk for Thomas can you tell me what I have to do please

  3. Ellen Shaw says:

    I would love to help!

  4. Joanna Chambers says:

    I found your website today and have been facinated to read about Tomas’s journey so far. My son, William, has Quadraplegic Cerebral Palsy, microcelephica, visual imparement due to his visual cortex being destroyed when his brain was damaged and epilepsy. William is 21 months old, a very loving and determined little boy who I have been told will have severe to moderate learning disabilities. William was born 3 months premature, did really well and came home after a hard fight 1 month premature with only chronic lung disease and an open PDA to his name. He sadly contracted Swine Flu 3 days after coming home and needed emergency intervention and ventilation. This is what then caused his complex disabilities and has lead to him being globally delayed (he is currently aproximately 3 – 6 months developmentally)

    From a conversation with William’s physiotherapist today I have learnt that her best hope for him in the future is that he will be able to use a walker to pace, help to feed himself and assist in transfers. It feels like such a bleak outlook, even though when he was diagnoised with the Cerebral Palsy I was told he would die when he was removed from the ventelator and if he lived would be tube fed for life and unable to make any meaningful movements or speech. He has come such a long way in only a year and a half but it is still hard to keep my spirits up at times. I wanted to let you know that on one of my dark days stumbling on this website has made me feel more positive!

    I have a supportive family around me which has kept William and I going so far but as a working single mum it is hard. I want to do more than I can for William and I wondered if you would be able to offer any advice on therapies that you have found most beneficial. I have a wonderful health service in North Yorkshire where I live who provide monthly Physiotherapy (with home work for William and I), weekly Portage (again with homework!), Speach and Language Therapy (about every three months to check his eating), Occupational Therapy (as and when required) and we are about to get some respite care provided to give me chance to sleep! However, I feel like I never have the time to do as much as I would like to and would value your input as parents who have been through this and seem to know where you are going!

    I have read a little about various therapies such as cognative behavioural therapy and Bobath but it is hard to know what would be best. William loves swimming so I am hoping to raise some funds to get him a hot tub at home to give him the chance to get into the water as much as possible. The horse riding you have been involved in looks amazing – my sisters have horses so I would love William to be involved in that too, but I imagine he would be too young as yet…

    I am sorry to have gone on a bit…

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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