Why Donate?

The Tomas Leighton Care Charity is a non-profit making organisation with 100% of donations or funds raised from organised events going to the aims of the charity. There are no administration costs, staff overheads or expenses deducted from your donation so every penny donated is used to fund Tomas´s ongoing therapy program and to build the fund to enable future stem cell therapy.

The funds raised also help us to help others directly or indirectly by:

  • Providing useful information, both medical and general guidance, for other parents and carers of children with similar problems and disabilities
  • Collaboration with other professionals in the medical field and other associations to assist them in their endeavours to help other parents, carers and children.

We will always personally acknowledge each and every donation and provide you with relevant information to enable you to track Tomas´s progress.

We are proactive in providing new information and updates which are both interesting and informative, so that you are able to keep up to date with progress and clearly see the benefit of your support whenever you want to.

The TLC fund will ensure that we are able to continue to fund the ongoing day to day costs so that Tomas is able to continue to progress, against all the odds, as he has so far, with the help of his supporters.

We plan to continue with the following vital elements of his ongoing treatment program:

  • Specialist physiotherapy and hydrotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Special education and adapted learning materials
  • Activities to assist with both physical and mental development e.g. disabled horse riding and hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Epilepsy monitoring and control
  • Ongoing vision assessments and sight stimulation

Also there are many new developments in the stem cell treatments worldwide and, although research is still ongoing in the areas that will specifically help Tomas and other children with some or all of his specific disabilities, we are very hopeful for the future.

We are monitoring what can be done to help him online all the time and, once the treatments are tried and tested, we are sure that Tomas and many others will benefit from this crucial area of medical research.

We achieved our initial goal of storing Tomas´ milk teeth in special laboratories in Bioeden, Daresbury, Cheshire in October 2012.  We will later use these vital cells for stem cell therapy, which is most likely to be first available in America, where medical research in this area is most concentrated and regulated.

This treatment will help to repair the areas of his brain with most damage. These areas are the Basal Ganglia (used to control his balance and movement) and the Visual Cortex (used to provide his visual acuteness and understanding).

In turn, this will enable Tomas to see better, assist him with his balance, and walking, facilitate better learning and enable him to understand and enjoy the world around him in a way that his is not currently able to.

Despite the many obstacles that all his disability brings, Tomas wants to learn and is developing in areas that were said to have been hopeless. Your donations help us to ensure Tomas gets the help he desperately needs to be able to continue to remain the positive and loving little boy he is currently and a ray of hope and inspiration to other parents, carers and disabled children.

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