Early Crucial Auditory Learning Methods

One of the other key methods we used to help Tomas learn in the early days without the ability to see was based on constantly stimulating one of the few available senses he had that would help him to learn…his hearing.

We constantly played CD music and stories to him whenever possible in the house and later bought an IPOD and enclosed it in a speaker case to protect it and enable Tomas to easily listen to music, nursery rhymes, songs and stories as much as possible throughout each day when not in the house.

In addition to this, we used basic, simple educational DVDs and young children’s TV programs on a mid sized TV screen placed within 18 inches of Tomas so he could easily hear the songs, conversations, stories etc. and occasionally tried to visually focus on the content at the same time.

Year 2 until year 7, his alertness, responses, very basic speech and understanding slowly developed, but his pro-active speech and use of sentences, rather than just a few basic words, was still very limited.

It was when he was 7 years of age that we learned about the merits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in assisting with all areas of his disability and the improvement in these areas, as well as his other areas of disability, has taken a further promising and rewarding leap forward.  His progress in all areas, including his vision, speech, understanding and general learning capability now continues into new, previously only yearned for territory….





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