Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

We first found out about the merits of HBOT when we visited the Advance Centre in East Grinstead, near London, run by Linda Scotson, whos son Doran has Cerebral Palsy. Doran  and has been able to run marathons as a result of the treatment program that Linda developed to help her son.

HBOT was a key part in her treatment program in helping the efficient delivery of concentrated oxygen to all areas of his body to enable regeneration of damaged tissues.
HBOT is a painless procedure in which oxygen is forced into the tissues, organs, brain and fluids throughout the body through the pressurization of the hyperbaric chamber. Oxygen floods areas that are oxygen starved to stimulate cell growth and regeneration. Hyperbaric oxygen also increases neural brain function due to oxygen saturation.

The concept of hyperbaric oxygenation has been in existence as early as 1662, but has only gained recognition in conventional medicine over the past 40 years.
IMG_5190We found a local hospital that provided HBOT and have incorporated this treatment into Tomas’s ongoing treatment program with amazing results.

Each course of treatment consists of 40 daily 1 hour sessions to help increase the oxygen supply to the affected areas of Tomas´s legs and ankles, arms and hands and his brain.

Since beginning HBOT in August 2012 we have seen a marked improvement in Tomas’s balance, physical movement, visual depth perception, mental agility, speech and learning capabilities.

He is developing his own thought patterns and is speaking pro-actively without being prompted or simply copying others. Prior to this treatment he was consistently delayed in responding to questions while his brain to time to assimilate and/or recall the answer. Now the speed of his response to questions is greatly improved and his cognitive learning ability and pro-active self generated speech has increased dramatically.

We plan to continue HBOT treatment, in the form of two 40 session courses per year, for as long as this therapy continues to provide such noticeable and sustained improvements in all areas of Tomas’s complex combination of conditions and disabilities. The results so far have surprised and delighted everyone who knows Tomas and see first hand the benefits that this treatment is delivering for Tomas.


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