Thankyou to the Cubs and Scouts of Fuengirola

We visited the Cubs and Scouts in fuengirola last Friday night,(the Arc in las Rampas shopping centre) to say a big Thankyou from the three of us especially from Tomas for helping and supporting us on our charity day at Iceland in Fuengirol…a Myramar in December. The whole team guided by their leaders Steve and Jose made the day so much easier for us and they should be proud of their Scouts and cubs in fuengirola, they were brilliant, friendly, very helpful, and nothing was too much trouble for them.
Thankyou very much to all
Jon and Jill
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Happy Days Fundraiser – Fabulous Evening Of Entertainment And Fundraising

A massive thank you to Martin Minor of Happy Days in Torremolinos and all his team of organisational helpers for hosting a superb evening of food, games, entertainment and fundraising for Tomas Leighton Care on Friday 14th December 2012.

 A great night was had by all and special thanks also go to Peter Hall (a.k.a. Neil Diamond) and David Fox (a.k.a. Fanny Rash) for providing their wonderful shows and comparing skills free of charge and helping to make the evening such an enjoyable one for everyone who attended.

Last, but certainly not least, a BIG thank you to all who attended the evening and helped to raise funds for our little man.


Grateful thanks to M & M for their amazing donation of 1300 UK pounds, which helped boost the fabulous fundraising total to an outstanding  2315 Euros!

The funds raised will be used to help purchase Tomas´s next wheelchair which will be much needed as he continues to grow and gain weight.

Once again, thank you so much to all who helped in the organisation and who attended, thereby making the evening such an enjoyable success.


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ICELAND FUNDRAISER – A BIG Thank You And The Xmas Hamper Raffle Results

Sending a HUGE thank you to Iceland Mijas Costa Staff and Customers and all who came along to help or attend our fundraiser for Tomas Leighton Care yesterday.

Thanks also to the Iceland Management for donating 50 Euros of Iceland goodies to help fill the Christmas Hamper raffle prizes and to the Funky Vocals Singing Group who entertained the customers entering and leaving the store with their melodic and fun Christmas songs.

A massive thank you to also goes to all the leaders and members of Fuengirola Cubs and Scouts for donating their time all day to cover some of the cash desks for bag packing and also assisting with the raffle ticket sales.

It was a very successful day and the total raised, including bag packing donations and raffle ticket sales, came to 1794,10 Euros!

We plan to use the funds raised towards future stem cell therapy to help Tomas to see, walk and learn better. The treatment will improve his general motor skills and movement and help him to understand the world around him in a way he is not currently able to.

Photos of the day :




























































The prize-winning raffle tickets were drawn by Maxine Warner of Maxine flew from the UK specifically to help at the event and to draw the winning tickets on behalf of the TLC patron (Coronation Street Star Samia Ghadi who plays Maria Connor in the soap) who could not attend this event personally due to extensive filming commitments in the run up to Christmas

Below is a video link of the tickets being drawn yesterday evening and you will see from the video that the two winning tickets were:

WHITE 342 and WHITE 171.









The two winning tickets were claimed by Steve from Benalmadena Pueblo :

and Sharon from Benalmadena :

Once again, thank you to all who donated and to all those who helped make the fundraiser such an amazing success.

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Happy Days Charity event 14th December

Please come along…. At the bar called Happy days in Carihuela, Torremolinos on the 14 th December will be a fundraising night for The Tomas Leighton charity(TLC). There will be drag show and other artists on the night, including a raffle with many prizes. A great friendly bar with a warm atmosphere, cheap drinks and tapas.

Directions: go on the road to Torremolinos from Benalmadena. Just before the hotel Las Palomas,turn right , Where the taxi rank is on the left hand side just at the T junction, Happy Days is on the pedestrian walkway straight ahead on the left hand side. To park, turn left just after the taxi rank and park round the corner. Starting from 8 pm.

Please come along and join us.

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Tandem Skydive Completed In Aid Of Tomas

Jon Leighton (Tomas´s Daddy), Patrick O´Connor and Martin Minor (personal friends and supporters of TLC) completed their sponsored tandem parachute jump in Seville on Sunday afternoon. There were thunderstorms all day on Saturday, so Skydive Spain cancelled the scheduled jump time and transferred them to a new slot on the Sunday afternoon.

We were really nervous, so waiting another day for them to take the plunge was a nightmare.

We are very relieved to report that all three landed without incident and even managed to raise a smile and a thumbs up after touch down!

Photos of Jon´s terrified face and the video (which contains an expletive if you read his lips just before he plunges out of the jump exit) are posted below so that all our supporters and sponsors of this event can see proof of the feat undertaken and enjoy the view they had, high above the clouds, without having to hurl yourself out of a fast moving, high flying plane!

They jumped from 4600 metres / 15000 feet and descended in freefall (head first to begin with) at approximately 125 mph / 200 kmh before their shoots finally opened, which Jon said was the best bit!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad it’s all over and they are all back on solid ground safe and sound.

Jon did tell a little white lie shortly after landing when asked if he would do it all again. He is glad he did it for our little man, but will never be persuaded to do it again and certainly would not recommend it for anyone who is even a tad scared of heights.

I am very proud and pleased as punch to have him back in one piece and thank Patrick and Martin for sharing in the challenge and for all their fundraising efforts.

A HUGE thank you to all who pledged sponsorship for this freefall fundraiser. Your donations of support really helped to drive the boys on to see it through.

Thanks to my colleagues at Currencies Direct in London, Spain and Portugal for their support and sponsorship at all levels in all offices. Your emails and generosity have really spurred us on.

We had a very special surprise after the jumps were completed when Maxine Warner (the UK representative and committee member for the TLC Charity) presented cheques from UK supporters totalling 1330 UK pounds gathered by Sonny Warner MBE. Sonny has been a dedicated charity supporter all his life and, now at 89 years old, he never ceases to amaze us with his drive to help our fundraising efforts for Tomas.

Grateful thanks to Steve Garton, his wife Ann and all his supporters. All their efforts were scuppered by Skydive Spain logging his details incorrectly which led to him being unable to jump on the day. Regardless of this they stayed until all jumps were completed to show support and encouragement. Thank You.

Thanks also to all who have pledged sponsorship after the event on seeing the photos and video!

Once all donations are in, we will publish the final amount raised and detail what those funds equate to in terms of essential treatments and equipment funded for Tomas and how they will help him progress.

And finally…below are the photos and the video of the big day as promised…



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A Privileged Visit To The Coronation Street Set

We are extremely fortunate to have Samia Ghadi as the patron of Tomas´s charity and also Brian and Maxine Warner, of Warner Entertainments, as constant supporters of Tomas Leighton Care.

Through our links with these special and thoughtful people, it was arranged for us to visit the working set of Coronation Street, whilst we were visiting the UK recently.

We were given a tour of the set by the first assistant director of the show, Peter Shaw and witnessed the rehearsals and filming of various scenes due to be edited and broadcast in six weeks time.

It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to meet Peter and various members of the cast and crew and gave us a rare insight into how much planning, detailed work and professionalism goes into each and every episode.

Below are some of the photos taken while on the set of filming and thanks go to all that made us feel so welcome on the day. It was a very special day to remember.

Click on each photo to see a larger version as required.

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First important step towards stem cell now complete!

During our recent trip to the UK we finally made the first important step towards stem cell therapy for Tomas.

His first milk tooth was extracted by Absolute Dental in Prestwich and immediately placed in a special temporary tooth storage pack.

We then drove to Bioeden in Daresbury in Warrington to deliver the tooth to our contact, Ian Clarke, at Bioeden for stem cell extraction and replication.

After years of research into this area of treatment and planning of the first stages, we have recently received confirmation that the stem cell processing has been completed successfully!

The stem cells will now be stored in the special storage facility at Bioeden until the research into stem cell treatment for the brain have progressed sufficiently to enable successful treatment for Tomas .

We have also donated some of the additional stem cells obtained from the extraction and replication processes to help the research.

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Mike Battle Raises Over 500 Euros to Help Tomas

Mike Battle recently decided to put his extraordinarily special 40th birthday present to specific use, to raise money to help fund therapy which will help Tomas further progress.

Mike explained: “My wife got me a parachute jump for my 40th birthday and I decided it would be a good opportunity to raise money for a good cause. It was the most incredible experience of my life by far and if anyone has ever, EVER, thought about doing it, then just book it and do it now. You will be very glad you did… and you can raise money for Tomas at the same time. What could be better? Information is at GO FOR IT!!”

Heartfelt thanks go to Mike and his family and to everyone who helped Mike acheive his momentous fundraising total. The funds will help to pay for specialist Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions (See previous post on HBOT at the Xanit Hospital Benalmadena).

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Xanit hospital provides donation towards HBOT for Tomas!

We were recently thrilled to discover that HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy was available just near where we live at the Xanit private hospital in Benalmadena.   


HBOT is most likely to help to repair damage and restore function in the dormant or poor functioning areas of the brain surrounding the dead areas (lesions). Two areas of Tomas´s brain most affected are the Basal Ganglia (responsible for motor skills, balance etc.) and the Visual Cortex (responsible for interpreting signals from the eyes and optics nerves to provide visual acuteness and understanding).

Therapy for Tomas was suggested in groups of twenty sessions, one hour per session, with a break of two weeks in between each group of sessions to review developments in Tomas´s speech, cognitive responses, vision, balance and all general areas of his disabilities.

The Xanit hospital kindly donated 700 Euros to the TLC Charity Fund to help pay towards his first group of sessions. After a few trial sessions to check that Tomas responded positively in a pressurised environment and with an oxygen hood on, we plan to start the first set of 20 sessions next week! As always we will post updates on his progress after the first few groups of twenty sessions to keep our supporters up to date with progress.

Once again our love and thanks to all who have helped us raise funds for Tomas´s therapies. We would never have come this far without your support. We look forward to you sharing in our pride as he makes his next important steps to more effective communication and understanding.      


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Tomas says hello to the Selwo Dolphins

Recently we attended the first Dolphin Therapy session held in Andalucia, at Selwo Marina, in Benalmadena.

For the last decade dolphin therapy has been publicised by the media, but Dolphin Therapy was started in the early seventies by Dr Betsy Smith who noticed the therapeutical effects of dolphins on her disabled brother. A few years later dolphin therapy was developed by Dr Nathanson in Florida, America, who studied the interaction between dolphins and children with Down’s syndrome and obtained promising results.

During the therapy children are asked to touch, feed or pat the animals and swim with them. Therapists work on specific areas such as speech, behaviours and motor skills, they customise programmes to the needs of the children. Samples of blood analysed before and after therapy, showed that after swimming with dolphins there is a change of hormones, endorphins and enzymes as well as T-cells. How this is possible is still not well understood. There is ongoing research in universities and dolphin research centres.

The healing principle has been considered similar to that of sound therapy: rhythm and vibrational sound facilitate an altered mood. Dolphins have a natural sonar. They emit ultrasound waves to localise things and to communicate. This process is called “echolocation”. Sounds emitted by the dolphins are so intense that that they can cause “cavitations”: they create holes in the molecular structure of fluids and soft tissues. Some believe that the dolphins’ signal frequencies can have a profound effect on the human brain by modifying the brainwave activity. Results of EEG tests carried out on people who experienced the echolocation showed that the dominant human brain frequency drops from beta to alpha.It was also noted that both sides of the brain enter into synchronisation which means there is a far better communication between the left and right sides of the brain, this is an uncommon neurological state, which is typically associated with heightened awareness and increased learning ability.

Some of the results noticed following dolphin therapy are:
· Strong emotional change
· Children calm down
· Improved communication
· Increased attention span
· Increased confidence and self esteem
· Improved gross or fine motor skills
· Better co-ordination
· Better eye contact, smiling, laughing, touching
· Better immune system.


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