Please sponsor Suzanne Newton

On the 10th April , Suzanne Newton (Suz) will be competing in a gruelling triathlon in South Africa. This entales a  3.8 km swim, 180km bike ride and to top it off a 42km run all in aid of Tomas.

It makes us tired just thinking about it.

For all of you looking at this , please take your time out to help and support Suz in her goal to complete this mammoth task and all in aid of Tomas.

To Sponsor Suz, please go to the donate page on this website (

and when sponsoring an amount,put in the message section a short message for Suz and also how you heard about this..

You can also go to the Events page and look at the leaflet for the event.

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One Response to Please sponsor Suzanne Newton

  1. Nicki Connor 'Auntie Nik Nik' says:

    Jill/Jon have donate because I think what you are doing is ace! Suz I couldn’t do what you are doing! GO GIRL! Tomas Auntie Nik Nik here ‘love you’ plus you are like a angel! Are you sure your parents are really your parents ‘you are so good looking’ and they are so ‘ugly’? Hee Hee! (anyone reading this who does know us that was a long standing joke!) Love to all of you and keep up the good work, see you soon! Nicki x

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