Stem Cell Treatment

As part of our fundraising efforts, one of our aims was to store Tomas´ milk teeth in special laboratories in Bioeden, Daresbury, Cheshire, for later use in stem cell therapy.

We are pleased to report that the goal was reached in October 2012 and Tomas´s stem cells have been replicated and stored at the above facility, with some of his stem cells also being donated to the stem cell research program.

The future stem cell treatment is most likely to be first available in America, where medical research in this area is most concentrated and regulated, although there is also extensive stem cell research being undertaken in Germany, the UK, Spain and many other countries worldwide.

We are constantly gaining new information on the progress of stem cell treatment via online forums, specialist consultations, medical reports, media reporting etc. and the progress made in recent years means we are now much closer to being able to confidently commit to the application of stem cell treatment to help Tomas continue to improve, especially in the areas of his poor vision and limited coordination, movement and learning.

The treatment will help to repair the areas of his brain with most damage. These areas are the Basal Ganglia (used to control his balance and movement) and the Visual Cortex (used to provide his visual acuteness and understanding).

In turn, this will enable Tomas to see better, assist him with his balance, and walking, facilitate better learning and enable him to understand and enjoy the world around him in a way that his is not currently able to.

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