Tandem Skydive Completed In Aid Of Tomas

Jon Leighton (Tomas´s Daddy), Patrick O´Connor and Martin Minor (personal friends and supporters of TLC) completed their sponsored tandem parachute jump in Seville on Sunday afternoon. There were thunderstorms all day on Saturday, so Skydive Spain cancelled the scheduled jump time and transferred them to a new slot on the Sunday afternoon.

We were really nervous, so waiting another day for them to take the plunge was a nightmare.

We are very relieved to report that all three landed without incident and even managed to raise a smile and a thumbs up after touch down!

Photos of Jon´s terrified face and the video (which contains an expletive if you read his lips just before he plunges out of the jump exit) are posted below so that all our supporters and sponsors of this event can see proof of the feat undertaken and enjoy the view they had, high above the clouds, without having to hurl yourself out of a fast moving, high flying plane!

They jumped from 4600 metres / 15000 feet and descended in freefall (head first to begin with) at approximately 125 mph / 200 kmh before their shoots finally opened, which Jon said was the best bit!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad it’s all over and they are all back on solid ground safe and sound.

Jon did tell a little white lie shortly after landing when asked if he would do it all again. He is glad he did it for our little man, but will never be persuaded to do it again and certainly would not recommend it for anyone who is even a tad scared of heights.

I am very proud and pleased as punch to have him back in one piece and thank Patrick and Martin for sharing in the challenge and for all their fundraising efforts.

A HUGE thank you to all who pledged sponsorship for this freefall fundraiser. Your donations of support really helped to drive the boys on to see it through.

Thanks to my colleagues at Currencies Direct in London, Spain and Portugal for their support and sponsorship at all levels in all offices. Your emails and generosity have really spurred us on.

We had a very special surprise after the jumps were completed when Maxine Warner (the UK representative and committee member for the TLC Charity) presented cheques from UK supporters totalling 1330 UK pounds gathered by Sonny Warner MBE. Sonny has been a dedicated charity supporter all his life and, now at 89 years old, he never ceases to amaze us with his drive to help our fundraising efforts for Tomas.

Grateful thanks to Steve Garton, his wife Ann and all his supporters. All their efforts were scuppered by Skydive Spain logging his details incorrectly which led to him being unable to jump on the day. Regardless of this they stayed until all jumps were completed to show support and encouragement. Thank You.

Thanks also to all who have pledged sponsorship after the event on seeing the photos and video!

Once all donations are in, we will publish the final amount raised and detail what those funds equate to in terms of essential treatments and equipment funded for Tomas and how they will help him progress.

And finally…below are the photos and the video of the big day as promised…



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3 Responses to Tandem Skydive Completed In Aid Of Tomas

  1. Aunty Max says:

    Jon you and all the team were amazing what a wonderful experience not only for you and the boys but for all of us watching. You have never done this before and I have never seen any one jump out of a plane before. I never expected to see such a spectacular view as all the parachuter’s were falling out of the sky in an array of wonderful colours very very well done. You will Always have my support……..xxxxx

  2. Little sis says:

    Looked brilliant Jonnie! You looked a bit like your friends blown up pink face (LOL) when the wind blew against you! Ross & I will sponsor you when I get back to UK in less than one month hurray! Can’t wait to see you all! Love to my nephew. Xx

  3. Angel Cruz says:

    This is a phenomenal post Jon! Very entertaining.

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