Thankyou to Iceland and Central FM and more importantly, You !!

As the parents of little Tomas Leighton we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the Iceland Charity day in aid of our son Tomas.

From every little donation, to buying Raffle tickets. From Elvis packing bags to singing in the Cafeteria (Alias Ricky Lavazza) and to everyone who helped us with the  bag packing, thankyou to all for your support and your help with our fundraising efforts on behalf of our very special son .

It is only through events such as yesterday that we are able to ensure that Tomas gets the treatments he needs to progress and we can’t thank you enough for your participation in our efforts on his behalf.

It was a wonderful day despite the bad weather and a very important football match !

 We are pleased to announce that we managed to raise an amazing total of 1,704,45 euros with our bag packing efforts and raffle ticket sales.

This was helped by the fact that the fundraising day and the raffle were both promoted on air regularly by Central FM running up to the event and the fact that the presenters also came along to support and help us.

Many people came on the day to meet the Central FM team, or as a result of hearing the pre-event announcements and live broadcasts on the day! 

Ricky Lavazza also brought in further fans!!! So all in all a successful day for all, even though the weather was dreary outside. 

Special thanks go to Nikki from Iceland who was extremely helpful and efficient in facilitating the event both in the run up and on the day.

 Jon and Jill

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