Sponsored Skydive Spain Nov 17th 2012

On November 17th 2012 we, myself, Patrick O Connor, Martin Minor and Steve Garton will be jumping out of a plane, 15,000 feet up in the sky over Seville. We will each be doing a tandem skydive all in the name of Charity, the TLC Charity.

We will experience terminal velocity at around 125 mph on our skydive for up to a minute! (freefalling)and we will be jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft, the Highest altitude in Europe for a tandem skydive.

Guess what,we, especially myself as I dont like heights are already getting butterflies and dry mouths just thinking about it…..but in the name of charity, it will be worth it and going to a good cause.

If any of you out there wish to jump for the TLC Charity or want to sponsor any one of us, please get in touch.

The four guys are :

Steve Garton :

My name is Steve Garton, I am 56 years old and I now live in Calahonda, Costa Del Sol, Spain.
I have taken part in a number of static line parachute jumps, but this will be my first time freefall parachuting. I know it’s nothing to worry about because I will be in the capable hands of an expert. I know that I am doing this not just for myself but, to help Tomas Leighton receive the best help he can possibly get.

Martin Minor : 

I run the bar Happy Days in la Carihuela and have been in hospitality for at least 20 years running hotels bars restaurants etc. We hold quiz nights every tuesday night and this helps raise money for Tomas via a raffle. When I heard about the skydive for Tomas I was pleased to be a part of helping Tomas further. A great big family welcome awaits anyone who wants to call around for a drink at Happy Days and sponsor me! (For info, we also hold Spanish classes every Sat 3pm till 5pm, all levels, 4 euros for approx 2 hours).

Jon Leighton:

As I said to Tony Keys at Central FM, I´m fragile regarding heights. I didn’t have the nerve to do the jump and then Kirsty, a friend of ours, mentioned her son Rhys wanted to do the jump and said if her 14 year old son can do it then so could I! So I concented. The company then said Rhys was too young to jump, so now he is not jumping, but of course I have to carry on and do it! I´m so nervous and have a dry mouth thinking about it, but for my son, I will do it and hopefully will raise much needed funds to carry on his treatments and therapies.

Patrick O´Connor:

My wife, Louise O´Connor, ran the Malaga marathon for Tomas a year or so ago. This was the first time I met Tomas. During a recent sponsored walk in aid of Tomas´s charity this May, I was talking to Tomas’s dad and suggested I’d do a sky dive if he did it! Answer…he needed permission from Jill!….we now know who’s Boss! Permission was eventually granted as long as he lands alive and well!

2 Responses to Sponsored Skydive Spain Nov 17th 2012

  1. Mick & Helen Hoban says:

    Hey Jon

    We’d be glad to sponsor you, just let us know how and where we need to send money.
    I’ve done the tandem jump and it is absolutely amazing. If you can, pay for someone to jump with you who takes video and stills – well worth it as I won’t be doing it again !

    It’s brilliant and you’ll love it. The trick is not to think about you being the one jumping out at 15,000 feet without a parachute !



  2. Kerry dawson says:

    I will sponsor you paddy, 50 euros on it way , good luck n remember head back , n keep those legs up when ur landing !!x

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