Tomas is now an official registered charity organised by Cyclo


After various meetings and submission of the paperwork to set up Tomas´s charity,we finally received the official charity number from accountant and lawyer firm Cyclo based in Fuengirola this week. This is a fantastic step forward in our efforts to raise money for Tomas and we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to Cyclo once again for donating all their time and efforts to ensuring they obtain tomas´s official charity number as quickly and efficiently as possible. The new charity number is now listed on the home web page of this website and under the donations section and obviously Cyclo are now also listed on the supporters page with their Company logo,(please see the photo below) of Tomas´s charity committee signing the final papers. 

Its a fabulous step forward and we now look forward to future fundraising which will be facilitated by the fact that we now have an official Charity number.

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