From the moment we realised the extent of Tomas’s physical disabilities at around the age of six months, regular weekly physiotherapy has played an essential part in helping Tomas to progress.

In his younger years Tomas could not hold his head up, use his hands, crawl, sit or walk. He also had scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

The funding allocated to the physiotherapy element of his treatment program has helped him to conquer many of the physical challenges he faced as a younger child.

He can now hold his head up and move his head as required to make the most of the little vision that he has. Physiotherapy has also played a vital role in helping him to be able to use his hands more effectively, correcting the curvature of his spine and improving his flexibility, coordination and balance, which has enabled him to crawl, sit unaided and walk short distances with assistance.

Tomas has worn calipers since an early age to help correct deformities in his feet and ankles and has had botox injections in his legs to help ease the tightness in his nerves and tendons that make movement and balance so difficult for him.

As he gets older he my need to undergo an operation on his ankles to release the tightness in his achilles tendons which cause him to walk on his toes. He may also need an operation on his back, called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR)  in which all nerves that run down the spine to control the legs are tested and the ones causing the tightness are identified and cut to release stiffness in the legs and give him a greater chance of being able to walk independently in the future.

Intensive physiotherapy currently plays an important part in gaining the maximum benefits from the botox injections and will also play a vital role in his rehabilitation, recovery and exploitation of the benefits of both forms of surgery mentioned above.





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