Reasons For Therapy And Progress To Date

From six months of age, when the extent of Tomas´s disabilities were evident, we began our long and continuing battle to ensure that Tomas receives the medical attention and therapies he needs in order to progress.

Over the past 8 years we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of methods and treatments that have helped Tomas to progress against all the odds in all areas of his disability.

One of the main reasons for developing and maintaining this web site was to share this information with as many parents and carers of disabled children as possible and provide them with information and guidance regarding the benefits of the various therapies included in his treatment program.

We began our intensive therapy program based on proven evidence that an ongoing weekly therapies for Tomas would lead to fewer movement limitations, improved speech and communication, enhanced learning ability and better use of his limited sight capability. This would increase the likelihood that he would achieve more independence with everyday activities that typical children can achieve without effort such as feeding, toileting, dressing, walking and talking.

As well as assisting with the achievement of basic daily needs, a therapy program would also greatly assist him by building his general confidence, especially considering his low level of sight and assisting with his social development by exploring and experiencing activities that he may not be able to independently.

All therapies funded for Tomas are based on both medical advice and personal investigation of the most advantageous treatments for all the significant areas of impairment Tomas suffers from i.e. movement and balance, blindness, epilepsy, speech and learning.

The subsections under this main section describe each therapy that we include in Tomas´s improvement program, the benefits and the progress Tomas has made to date as a result of each vital element of his weekly schedule.

Tomas has responded extremely well to the ongoing treatment program and is continuing to develop and progress week on week in all areas of his disability.

The prognosis for Tomas in the first few years of his life was extremely bleak. It was expected that he would have ongoing and severe problems with swallowing and chewing, holding his head up, use of his hands and legs, any form of vision (as he was totally blind and could not see movement of light even in a dark room), speech and general communication and understanding and his epilepsy was forecast to be severe with him suffering as many as 40 fits per day as a young baby. The only thing he had going for him was his acute and sensitive hearing.

He can now walk longer distances with assistance, he now sees colours and shapes when close to objects and he now speaks more spontaneously and with more meaning and understanding. Tomas tries to sing to music and can communicate his basic needs and wants using please and thank you.

We hope that this information is useful to all and gives hope and inspiration to other parents and carers of children with any of Tomas´s multiple areas of disability.

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