Ironman Triathlon in South Africa with Suz

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  1. Hi just donated. Well done Suzanne, think you have done really well!

  2. Dee Gregory says:

    “Well done!” but that doesn’t really express my admiration or my appreciation for what you have done – not only on the day but all the training before and all the pain since. I hope you are recovering well and I send my best wishes to you.
    From Dee, aka Grandy.

  3. Keith England says:

    Donated on behalf of Suzanne Newton who is doing an Iron man Challenge in South Africa

  4. Ant Green says:

    Good luck Suzanne for your ironman competition in April from everyone at WSP Middle East. What a great cause too.
    Ant,This was sent as a message to Paypal and I have transferred the message to the website ,Thanks Jon

  5. jonleighton says:

    We are so proud of you Suzanne (my little Cousin),not so little anymore and what you have done for our little precious man Tomas. Without support like yours, we wouldn’t go forward with tomas, thats for sure. We just want to hug n kiss you to say a big Thankyou when we see you and hopefully that is soon. Jonathan and Jill

  6. Jodie says:

    Well done SuziQ – so proud of you for achieving your goal and in such a great time – and for an awesome cause… Tomas is an inspiration, and like you is one of the toughest cookies I know…

  7. Anthony Rawlinson says:

    well done Suzi, excellent race and great job on the sponsorship.

  8. Suzanne Newton says:

    WOW thanks everyone for you kind words and support! I’m feeling fine now, legs back to normal and back on it :)) Dispite being in the hurt locker for hours on the day it was an still awesome experience!! x

  9. Suzanne Newton says:

    Another generous donation in support of Tomas from David Hunt, based in Dubai who also took part in Ironman in South Africa and did a fantastic time of 11h45m. Thanks for your support Hunty :)

  10. Suzanne Newton says:

    Thank you for Miss Annie P for organising the stall at Safa Park Flea Market, Queen Victoria for manning the stall with Annie and JT for donating his belongings for sale and Roy Nasr for his contribution to the set up costs – every contribution helps, not only the pennies but the time dedicated to orgainising and making these events happen. Thanks to everyone who supported the sale!

  11. david hunt says:

    Suz Newton- great effort on your fund raising. stand out performance!!

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