Visiting Debbie and Leslie and friends in Chester Xmas 2011

We spent a wonderful evening of the 1st January with Debbie and Leslie from Cheshire Home Care services and their friends in Chester.
Many people had wanted to meet Tomas, having heard so much about him from Debbie and Leslie, so it was a really lovely and very special night.

 Tomas loved playing with the children who came to meet him and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention.  



Debbie and Leslie bought Tomas an amazing Christmas present of a gorgeous (and extremely dapper!) horse riding outfit (jodpurs, fleece and over coat/jacket) for when he does his regular disabled horse riding therapy sessions each week. It was an extremely thoughtful and well thought out present!

He has already put his outfit to good use! (see the photos taken at one of his recent sessions).

We were also presented with a portable DVD player which was given to Tomas by another thoughtful friend (also called Leslie). Tomas focuses better with the limited vision that he has on smaller screens, so it will be perfect for encouraging him to look at the screen when playing educational and entertaining DVDs and thereby stimulating any possible improvements in his attention span and usable vision. Thanks so much Leslie for such a fabulous addition to his learning and play tools. Another present that will also be very well used!!!  




So just a final HUGE THANK YOU to Cheshire Home Care Services for their continued support with Tomas, as well as their warm hearted friends, for making the start to the New Year for 2012 so special and so very enjoyable.

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