Visiting the Advance Centre in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK

This was an amazing appointment for us and Tomas. One of our main reasons for going back to the UK this time was to visit the Advance Centre and for a consultation with the owner and founder, an amazing lady called Linda Scotson.

Linda has a 33 year old son who has Cerebral Palsy. As a result of her global investigation to help her son, extensive child development research and ongoing medical studies, she has developed a technique called “The Scotson Technique (TST)”.
Her technique is designed to replicate the results she has seen with her own son to help other children and adults that have brain injuries like Tomas, or brain function irregularities which cause other conditions. She also helps parents and carers to understand the principles behind normal child and adult development and how normal development milestones are affected by early or mid life trauma to the brain.

Her method and technique is based on the fact that oxygenation of the blood and delivery of blood to the affected areas is key to recovery and ongoing development and learning. Oxygenation of the blood and blood delivery is, in turn, reliant upon fully developed and strong respiratory and circulatory systems.
TST develops these vital systems to maximise the potential of the brain to help recovery and the function of other areas of the body, such as the organs, muscles, connective tissue and the joints.

These two photos below are of Linda´s son Doran both before and after applying her technique. The photo were taken between the age of 23 (asymmetrical and protruding shoulder blades, curvature of the spine and under developed muscle and general strength of physique) and age 26 (symmetrical and embedded shoulder blades, much improved spinal cord shaping and posture and developed muscle groups providing anhanced strength, usage and stamina). The first photo shows the progressive development (left to right) regarding the spinal position, posture and arm muscle development and the second photo shows the progressive developement (right to left) regarding the shoulder blades and general back muscle formation.
These improvements in posture, skeletal deformaty and general physique are clearly evident in the different photos and along with the physical improvements came other improvements in speech, movement, cognitive learning, social skills etc.

Doran is now able to run half marathons and has recently travelled abroad for the first time on his own. 

We came away from our meeting with Linda feeling so much more knowledgable and positive about our ability to help Tomas reach his maximum potential. It is a drug free, non-invasive technique.

We have organised for one of Linda´s trained therapists to visit us for a couple of days at the end of April so that we can learn the technique and the individual and collective excercise programme in detail.

The technique uses gentle rythmic pressures to strengthen the weak tissue structures of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles. This will gradually increase the pressure of circulation and increase the oxygen supplies to the joints, the arms, legs, pelvis, and vital organs including the brain.
It is relaxing and pleasurable for the patient and has no side effects. The exercises are performed over the continuous period of at least one hour daily, with short breaks between each exercise and additional short spirts of exercise performed in addition whenever time allows. Once the technique is integrated as part of our daily routine, we should start to see improvements in specific areas of Tomas´s disabilties within approximately three months and then ongoing.

You can find more detailed information on the Advance Centre website

Watch this space, more news to come …………

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