Visiting the Gibralter hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Amazing stuff!!!! A couple of days ago we went to Gibraltar especially to look at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Tomas at a centre that has two specially adapted oxygen chambers. Originally the chambers were shipped to Gibraltar in 2008 from Old Trafford Football Ground, Manchester, UK, where they were used by professional footballers e.g. David Beckham, Eric Cantona etc. to help them recover from serious injury swiftly.






We first found out about the merits of HBOT when we visited the Scotson Centre in East Grinstead, as it compliments the Sctotson Therapy that we now perform daily on Tomas. This helps his under-developed diaphagm and respiratory system become stronger and more efficient in delivering oxygen to all areas of his body.
HBOT is a painless procedure in which oxygen is forced into the tissues, organs, brain and fluids throughout the body through the pressurization of the hyperbaric chamber. Oxygen floods areas that are oxygen starved to stimulate cell growth and regeneration. Hyperbaric oxygen also increases neural brain function due to oxygen saturation.
The concept of hyperbaric oxygenation has been in existence as early as 1662, but has only gained recognition in conventional medicine over the past 40 years.
We have been seeking local centres which provide HBOT and are now looking into funding HBOT for Tomas in twenty individual 1hr sessions initially to help increase the oxygen supply to the affected areas of Tomas´s legs and ankles, arms and hands and his brain. This in turn will help stimulate better balance, physical movement and mental agility and speech and learning capabilities. This is a very exciting next step in our therapy program to help Tomas and we will post updates on progress once the initial therapy sessions are further researched, planned and completed.














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