Xanit hospital provides donation towards HBOT for Tomas!

We were recently thrilled to discover that HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy was available just near where we live at the Xanit private hospital in Benalmadena.   


HBOT is most likely to help to repair damage and restore function in the dormant or poor functioning areas of the brain surrounding the dead areas (lesions). Two areas of Tomas´s brain most affected are the Basal Ganglia (responsible for motor skills, balance etc.) and the Visual Cortex (responsible for interpreting signals from the eyes and optics nerves to provide visual acuteness and understanding).

Therapy for Tomas was suggested in groups of twenty sessions, one hour per session, with a break of two weeks in between each group of sessions to review developments in Tomas´s speech, cognitive responses, vision, balance and all general areas of his disabilities.

The Xanit hospital kindly donated 700 Euros to the TLC Charity Fund to help pay towards his first group of sessions. After a few trial sessions to check that Tomas responded positively in a pressurised environment and with an oxygen hood on, we plan to start the first set of 20 sessions next week! As always we will post updates on his progress after the first few groups of twenty sessions to keep our supporters up to date with progress.

Once again our love and thanks to all who have helped us raise funds for Tomas´s therapies. We would never have come this far without your support. We look forward to you sharing in our pride as he makes his next important steps to more effective communication and understanding.      


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